About MedEdCases

MedEdCases is based on the Virtual Patient (VP) concept, and allows users to easily search, download, and play the VP medical cases at their leisure. The App has been designed, developed and created by an award winning team consisting of partners form the e-learning unit at St George’s University of London and intelligent Business Optimisation System Solutions (iBOSS).

VPs allow users to make realistic decisions and explore the consequences of their actions in a safe environment. The cases are based on real clinician experiences, which allows the user to mimic the skills of being a real medical professional, thereby making MedEdCases a fantastic tool to practice clinical reasoning. MedEdCases supports a range of features including various multimedia capabilities. Cases can be downloaded onto the device using a 3G network connection and once cases are downloaded they can be played without any connections to a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.