MedEdCases Features

MedAssess offer the following list of functionalities and features:

  • Download Virtual patient cases based on clinician experiences
  • No need of 3 G/Wi-Fi connections after downloading a case
  • Play through various decision points to practice clinical reasoning
  • Pictures, videos and tables are embedded in some cases to supplement the narrative
  • Learn from the consequences of your decisions
  • Earn scores for each decision you make while playing the assessment cases
  • Cases that have MCQs and multi tick options/questions
  • Branching cases
  • Keep a record of the scores you received in assessment cases
  • Testing knowledge with multiple choice questions
  • Practicing clinical reasoning skills with patient management options
  • View statistical analysis after finishing a case
  • Simple and easy navigation panel
  • Regular additions to case bank
  • No further subscription after downloading the app
  • Cases constantly reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date
  • The App brings a novel and innovative learning experience with added value from clinician experiences.

Note: The application downloads and updates require internet  connectivity